About Us

Why Everything Carz, you ask? It all began at an undisclosed restaurant on Woodward Avenue in the late 70’s. The food was horrible, but for some reason we always went back… Now I understand why. Of all the restaurants on Woodward, at that time, it was the one with the best view for car watching. Our family pastime, guessing the Make and Model of the approaching headlights and of course guessing which vehicle each customer was driving.

This was the beginning of my Everything Carz world! The Car Vein ran deep in our family…all family discussions revolved around cars. The result… a world of Everything Carz …Beyond the Garage. The older I get the more I realize the Car vein runs deep in many. The only odd part of my vein is it runs deep in this Thirty something Female… No dolls in my history, just some favorite hot wheels and hood sliding Starsky and Hutch memories.

The location of car guessing and pick the driver games have changed but the love of the car game has stayed true.

Everything Carz provides all Everything Carz personalities even more avenues to feed that vein. Everything Carz provides the opportunity for all car crazy people to carry that love beyond the garage! Hope you enjoy it!

If you do not see what you want, please let us know and we will try to find it!


Marnie Kramer